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why does a muted heart sound so familiar?

is it all because of time spent that I can now sit down and recite to you stories, events, pieces. it seems too easy, too simple to be just that. Oh I know, it because it isn't, just THAT.
Lets be honest, there are some grand moments in life. Love, SEX!, lust, my puppies eyes, my kitties cuddles, rain, grass, storms, leaves, peace, harmony, music, sound, touch, sight, inside, out,
and well, here they are all at once. Tim Learywasn't just a nut, or working for the gov or both for that matter, he touched a void in himself and then within others, right through to a generation.

One of those that worked for a different state,
some wrong and confused, others hurt and abused,
but loved throughout the experience (sought) found
life, mind becoming one. Its softness is not hard to imagine,
its beauty is not without reach, freedom eludes us all,
each and every turn we burn, softness, kindness lives within my soul.
I don't want to let the time escape, grinning as my heart aches