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if i were a little cloud floating by through the sky,
what would i feel?
would i be loud, emoting or would i cry?
if i fell through a deep, endless hole in my mind,
what would i feel?
would i weep friendless or would i die?
if i were to step into a void of time,
what would i feel?
would i be annoyed with mine?
perhaps i smiled,
would i be beguiled?
if i laughed,

would you too?

confused little creatures

unable to get lost.  then, as time catches up with you, having lived feeling as though you were ahead of it, as though it had no affect on you, SNAP, it catches you, slows you down, shows you how small you are, how small your actions are, how big your 'Right' thoughts need to be.
and i enjoy it
we all do
the life giving feeling that you are as insignificant as the shell that is. though whole and complete as an entity. that 14 billion years has led to you and billions of  years will take you with it.  that we fall into our space of time that inhabits such minute dimensions.
we fall prey to material gain, to love, to worth, to what we perceive as life, forgetting that this planet in this universe in this mulitverse exists without our needs, without our wants, only our position of homeostasis. 
passions, desires, conceptual thoughts of needs and shadowed longings of wants we sit, stand and play within our time, not living presently enough, living through memories and dreams, not…