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jumping, bounding, leaping passed

happiness total shining in the heart

freedom of joy

feeling of life

no more at thought but alive with instinct and control

inner peace
why watch a watch when, wondering if wandering widows seeking windowless, winding windy ways will whittle willingly whilst watching whales weave wonderful white

don't dare delve deeper down, diddling diligently, depending decidedly whether dead ends didn't drop drastically 

i just stopped breathing for a while
i did not inhale
i stood idlely  by taking in visions, sounds and the colours
watching time pass by
i stopped
i don't know why


wanting to feel as though there is an inside that has the ability to open up to share thoughts, feelings and emotions
and realising the emptiness of mind
being able to see that the emptiness inside is closer to the goal than can be anticipated
fraught with desire
chased by image
faced with the mind that lets so much in
dreaming to be beyond but not willing to let go
unable to without assistance
learning is key
patience is necessary
freedom is the desire
happiness that cannot be

a life void of all encompasses.

an empty cup

bounce past

here i sit
what do you want to know?

who i am?
what i believe?

where heaven is,
and what of hell?

well who says i know
but of crossed paths and lonely shadows,

a future that sees no end to the one that you are,
the pain that you feel is beyond my escape


as you are more lost than me.
i escape into a freedom of barren thought,
i feel for nothing, to know, that desire can be left behind
i shape my life
that is words left to those that is,
with only time that has past

i bounce past


i spoke with an old man today
my pet he dreamed would stay

he spoke of sound and the lost art of listening
he knew of routine in life, of the sun's shine glistening

today he met zen
this moment will forever be his friend

a smile warmed so deep
with a transcendence of  joy

we are without

need to weep


on one
as all

perfect flight
light abound

what is it to feel two selves? 
to reach inside and to see that you are not me?
enlightened to know that the divine meld,
delighted to understand that each new sight, will be a moment
a wondrous

to hold onto each piece learned, each moment you are bewitched with, each thought as it is, reaching past all the noise and into a the peace, tranquility and enlightened void. 

to feel without feeling is to travel past
is to sense beyond
to see just how far the journey is
and to know
just how much you will enjoy each step



if i were a little cloud floating by through the sky,
what would i feel?
would i be loud, emoting or would i cry?
if i fell through a deep, endless hole in my mind,
what would i feel?
would i weep friendless or would i die?
if i were to step into a void of time,
what would i feel?
would i be annoyed with mine?
perhaps i smiled,
would i be beguiled?
if i laughed,

would you too?

confused little creatures

unable to get lost.  then, as time catches up with you, having lived feeling as though you were ahead of it, as though it had no affect on you, SNAP, it catches you, slows you down, shows you how small you are, how small your actions are, how big your 'Right' thoughts need to be.
and i enjoy it
we all do
the life giving feeling that you are as insignificant as the shell that is. though whole and complete as an entity. that 14 billion years has led to you and billions of  years will take you with it.  that we fall into our space of time that inhabits such minute dimensions.
we fall prey to material gain, to love, to worth, to what we perceive as life, forgetting that this planet in this universe in this mulitverse exists without our needs, without our wants, only our position of homeostasis. 
passions, desires, conceptual thoughts of needs and shadowed longings of wants we sit, stand and play within our time, not living presently enough, living through memories and dreams, not…