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like me

fallen into the same shame that holds my personality tight is not always a bother for me, i mean one can learn to co-exist yes. hate filled pain turns into wonderlust at all that life can hold and i feel happy. don't get me wrong you ignorant swine, you pathetic mindless fool, driven only by consumerism and likes as are those of others. i see happiness in doors that will never be opened to you. why, because i tried, because i learned to meditate, i dedicated existence to a pursuit of life in its oneness. now i am not at the very least a pious man, so far from it, i am BAAL, i am lost, i am a demon incarnate and in being so i shit on your search for happiness as i squander my own. i reach the gods only to throw back at them disgust and loathing at their weaknesses. i deserve to own the world, and when i do, in whatever millenia it may be, i will chew its bile and shit it out onto a plate made of hope. i cherish my mind, i use my mind, i hate myself when i am lazy, i loath in…