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still motivated

a year ago and it seems like forgotten time. sometimes it is only in this time space, of years passed is it that we connect with others, through dates and what become norms, forgetting feelings, forgetting that it is love that brings us each moment. real love shared by the whole, but as each individual within it we are allowed to feel it, find it and experience all. and it is all. all around us, all within us this hidden gem that through time and the histories great has held many names, forms and shapes. all of which sit within us all.
a year ago and have i changed? i hope not. i hope i am always within the heart of myself that i am yet to find. i love this journey, this quest, for all that it has brought obvious to me now, and for all the wisdom it has instilled deep inside me, shared by all, to be found.

to sit

simple thoughts that become encased troublesome worries, and for what? why?

where else does one stand so afraid of the next step because they know it means so much? it…