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why do feet smell and noses run?

have you ever sat where you were not meant to be? felt that you were alone in a place that did not fit into any notion you may have had of the world? has this space made you feel that perhaps you were missing something, not seeing the picture for all its beauty as you would only look at her smile. and it is her smile that is talked about, and so for very good reason do we all stop and analyze it, but what of the rest of the dream? when we are given sight why do we only see through the tunnels? how is it that we can miss so much?
i walk now and listen to the wind instead of my thoughts as i am learning that life has much more to offer me than i do myself. working as one with this planet is the hope that i have that i will see a direction that pleases more than my soul, but that of hers. moments of weakness will forever be apart of this journey but it is the foresight that they offer that i endevour to see.
i sit and listen to the leaves moving. how much choice they have may not b…