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im your neighborhood spaceman

transitions not so sweet, will wet the feet
small souls given over to the hive is but all we are
sick to the teeth the hate and the love is so bittersweet
pain in the brain aches in the heart
glory is all that is sought, after all

what else is there??

but waiting for change, chasing the same yet knowing that each hold is different with each new grasp at the branch that sits above, so close to reach, yet so far

whole bodies not real, time and space co-exist, mind has gone to feel like strands of the time that has created it, an itch that runs so deep that only the mind feels it can scratch.

is this sweet? pain? torture? self mutilation of the most narcissistic, masochistic kind?

joy? or anguish of the heart? cries for help or leaps of love?

how do we know, but if not to experience and to hence forth decide, analyze and ponder within and on.

if there is no path to tread then we feel lost having only the space of our minds to exist upon. its tangible feelings that we want, something re…

not just a magazine

you find new heights, new boundaries that seem within reach, seem as though they could be torn down with such ease yet you hold them so close, fearing to let go of what holds you back. time keeps showing you what is within reach only to keep you past it with each forward second.

can time be stopped? be it through power, force or belief can time be halted?
can time cease to exist? looking through it within our minds allows us to traverse its beauty, all that it has captured, all it has taken away and the spirits that have created it. time is here but of creation, as a reason, but it shows its intangible necessity as a part of the motion of this evolution.

we cannot categorise the existence of all as a part of anything wholely but time. a universe holds many more universes and this is without end. time is all we can be said to live within as a holder and quantifier of all that space and matter symbiotically meld within.

we will keep moving toward an end, on a path that will only open …


smash it first, crash it first, bash it first go and have it first.
trash it first, go get lost in it first.
mash it home first don't trip on the way to it first.

go get it today, go find ways to get paid, be the first to get laid, make waves in lemonade.

smack it home for sure, be the one to fall, seek it beyond the all, dont be the one to drawl.

chase dreams with a passion, feel life as it happens as its you that can make this in this life.


so 'tis time to realize that life will progress with or without you. that time has no favor toward you and only offers you solace in the knowledge that without it you will never be pushed. i grasp this concept with both hands, though not always seeking to achieving within every precious minute i respect the haste that is required within this opportunity that is an individuals life.
can we count dreaming as escaping time or just wasting?? without a dream we may not perceive, but with too much time spent in the the heavens of our minds we can be seen to miss opportunities and life itself. i guess for humans time becomes a reflection of how it is spent. not so much achievements made as they are but simple reminders of the material minds direction but of development of the spirit of oneself and of the relationships created, broken and quite too desired. time will outlive us all, it will progress far beyond our imagined psyche but it will always be with us to cover us and hold us…


awakened into a light we are all born, given with agony into this world we all begin to exist. do we meditate on the pain felt by our mothers? do we see their hearts break as we do wrong? their love is forever and like an everlasting wind it cannot be put out. do we give it back? never as strong as it is given. it is a love a child does not have to give but longs to encapsulate and upon this the love grows. a mothers love is pure, happiness bounds within its field.
as a man i will never feel this, only witness it, share it and be apart of it but it will never be as strong. i can love and see happiness in the breeze blowing through the leaves but i will never hold it as strong as at the moment a mother gives birth.
or can i?
does enlightenment break through the boundaries of reality and offer me the love of the universe that will in turn share with me the feelings of life that such an experience offers? i believe so.
i chase peace and harmony on a material level but still, yet, i …

the fat shit that i hear yo. nigga nigga.

its all mathematics.

so whats life but a series of experiences that we grow upon. yes this does go without saying, but do you sit back and watch your own life? so caught up in thinking how 'else' thinks of you will not hold your hand on to the path of enlightenment. what is enlightenment? happiness? a sense of being that what you do and who you are means? you all mean. yes some more so than others but your life is here to be a piece of the tapestry that is human existence.

its all simple verses of being that the right person feels, not 'perhaps'es and maybes'. slow beats like the heart help us to hear what life is like.

power to grow and to close your eyes and see the infinite. LOVE. happiness is but an emotion that should not be wasted and used without abandon, i love with passion and feeling, so much so that it pushes me too to new experiences and understandings of others. escape your norm and learn something new to help open your heart and mind to the …

without lyrics

life can be lived without words. in a world where the sound of leaves have more meaning, where birds and clouds can speak to you more than any of those around you. where the ocean and the sky sit aloud in silence before you. where life exists before language.
i never fail to feel the power of song and of lyric as it encapsulates feelings and personal thoughts unsaid but it is not all. i feel separate from youth today as they listen to songs of pain and anguish and loss but where are the songs without lyrics?
as music slips away from the mind and into a realm of needs and emotions i feel a sense of departure from the mind. how can one sit and feel alive in themselves when they are being told how they feel?
maybe i am old and i am missing something but those that are around me are not and so i do not feel i am, i feel it is they who are missing themselves.
i don't see the power of communication any more.
i don't see the risk in letting go
I'm probably just not looking in the…

lost again

i thought that i was feeling a pain that would mean a closeness in my life, but i was wrong. the pain we feel is but imagined as we hope for this connection to others that does not exist. unless we try to find it. we all have seen real feelings and the way that they will make others act and be but do we understand them? do we really know how our actions and thoughts affect those around us?

i wonder through anonymity, hoping to not fall into the world as it is as i want to be different and i hear so much that makes me smile and that makes me feel a connection. we all know that life is endless in this lifetime and so we seek to leave impressions, but will they last?


do you remember your grandparents? your great grandparents?? hell do you know your parents??? even yourself???? we are fleeting in this time line, destroying our gifts so easily as we seek to nourish ourselves, thinking that now, the truths we believe, are the all.

so what of the past? oh but you would be nothing witho…

why do feet smell and noses run?

have you ever sat where you were not meant to be? felt that you were alone in a place that did not fit into any notion you may have had of the world? has this space made you feel that perhaps you were missing something, not seeing the picture for all its beauty as you would only look at her smile. and it is her smile that is talked about, and so for very good reason do we all stop and analyze it, but what of the rest of the dream? when we are given sight why do we only see through the tunnels? how is it that we can miss so much?
i walk now and listen to the wind instead of my thoughts as i am learning that life has much more to offer me than i do myself. working as one with this planet is the hope that i have that i will see a direction that pleases more than my soul, but that of hers. moments of weakness will forever be apart of this journey but it is the foresight that they offer that i endevour to see.
i sit and listen to the leaves moving. how much choice they have may not b…

like me

fallen into the same shame that holds my personality tight is not always a bother for me, i mean one can learn to co-exist yes. hate filled pain turns into wonderlust at all that life can hold and i feel happy. don't get me wrong you ignorant swine, you pathetic mindless fool, driven only by consumerism and likes as are those of others. i see happiness in doors that will never be opened to you. why, because i tried, because i learned to meditate, i dedicated existence to a pursuit of life in its oneness. now i am not at the very least a pious man, so far from it, i am BAAL, i am lost, i am a demon incarnate and in being so i shit on your search for happiness as i squander my own. i reach the gods only to throw back at them disgust and loathing at their weaknesses. i deserve to own the world, and when i do, in whatever millenia it may be, i will chew its bile and shit it out onto a plate made of hope. i cherish my mind, i use my mind, i hate myself when i am lazy, i loath in…