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with all my love granddad

my granddad passed away this morning. i feel sadness for my mum as he was her dad. they were not always the closest pair but it was undoubtedly a love between them that grows from father and daughter.
i remember playing soccer with my granddad in the backyard with my brother. he played 'football' in England as he was growing up and it was a connection that us as kids were able to share with him. he taught me one trick with the ball that i won't forget, handy on the field he was.
i remember granddad's smile, he had it inside of him and when he showed it it was a pleasure to see. i remember 'Ossie' wearing a silly bon-bon hat every Christmas and chewing down his food with his one good tooth.
i was treated to a story of when Ossie was in India with the English army and how after a game of football, army vs locals, they had all headed inside, beginning on dusk, for a drink and granddad noticed what looked like a ball still sitting out in the middle of the f…

green means walk fcukr

so I'm standing waiting, writing a text with all the capabilities and speed of a geriatric old man who has to use toes as fingers, when the little green crossing man shines gaily at me and i start to cross. a quick survey of the traffic to my right and all is well, back to the epileptic fit that was my finger typing, (now having gained momentum as the lactic acid has lubricated the old joints) when all of a sudden, right in front of my toes a BMW flies past aggressively beeping its horn at me. I quickly look up with a sudden shock feeling of dread that my lack of attention has led me onto a busy road without any due care, but no, there he is, the little green man. the next split second i am yelling down at the boot of the BMW as it races past with no hesitation. now the idiot in the car, whom i would have to assume was a man; a) driving well at speed, b)driving bad at speed, has been completely oblivious to any sign that i was allowed to cross, simply looking at me as another reta…