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with all my love granddad

my granddad passed away this morning. i feel sadness for my mum as he was her dad. they were not always the closest pair but it was undoubtedly a love between them that grows from father and daughter.
i remember playing soccer with my granddad in the backyard with my brother. he played 'football' in England as he was growing up and it was a connection that us as kids were able to share with him. he taught me one trick with the ball that i won't forget, handy on the field he was.
i remember granddad's smile, he had it inside of him and when he showed it it was a pleasure to see. i remember 'Ossie' wearing a silly bon-bon hat every Christmas and chewing down his food with his one good tooth.
i was treated to a story of when Ossie was in India with the English army and how after a game of football, army vs locals, they had all headed inside, beginning on dusk, for a drink and granddad noticed what looked like a ball still sitting out in the middle of the field. as he ran out to collect it, to his surprise it was a tiger cub just sitting there looking over at him. he was amazed by its poise to just sit and look at him and so he felt game to approach it, to pat it. that was until he noticed its mum only a short tiger dash away from them both, well cute aside, Ossie was out of there!
it was really special to have that moment of my granddads life shared with me and i know that i will hold onto these loved memories for as long as i can.
i wish my mum and auntie all the love i can as i know this will be confronting for them both and i hope as a family unit, that having one of us Birmingham / Gibson's move on, we will be stronger are more open and connected to share our lives more closely with one another, as we realise that life does end and it is only the memories of moments that will carry those lost with us.
the more memories we can create, the more we get to carry.
i wonder if Ossie will ever have anything more to share with us? will he be apart of our strengths and dreams or has he been allowed to be free from what carries us through this life only to support and affect us in our most needed moments.
all my love granddad, we will all miss you dearly, keep smiling, painting, telling jokes and watching football forever


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