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so many mistake immediacy for the moment it is
alive but only with dreams, desires and memories
understanding that not only are we alive, but free
free to be unattached, enveloped, whole

i miss the many hearts that do not live now
left pining within the mind

freedom exists beyond

freedom is yours

take it


escaped in a world of indecision
held aloft to only see the shape

a dance so good
finding happiness with loss
my only face for show
alight with joy and wonder

never alone

i am

in a moment

letting go to soon only shows the hidden side,
shows deep beyond that pass divide

and with each brighten one becomes a whole
softly happiness and white joy abounds

small shapes

a fallen chasm of time seen in an instant
unable to let go of it
to not reach out and want but only to touch it

lost emptiness only smiles into the now
unashamed we move past the void

into the sane


i don't know how hard i should be,
how hard,
how spread my legs should be

we lose happiness
we lose peace

to be what is perceived,
only to be the same
the shit
the boredom
the creation that is me
the escapism that is you

alone beyond the the grasp is a gentle peace that is

the beach

the waves


shaped happiness

feel me

and know I'm lost from that which is
forgive me
be me


thank you friend

a bounce that passes past you
a hop that clears you
my life that is not yours
unable to give wholly to each smile that presents
unable to share

as i am selfish
as we are all selfish

as you don't want what is hard

you don't want to see the light for all its emptiness
you don't want to understand that the emptiness that is me is you

freedom of life from you is all i seek
hence freedom from my mind is all i need



escaping the minutae

it's the difficulty that excites me
the difficulty that challenges me

if it were not difficult,

why bother?
scent of the fireplace

cold hands pressed for warmth

rainbow lines
window steam

parched lips made dry by a tiny gesture, this raindrop now
all sounds



a question asked

a long standing silence, perhaps of forgotten time

an idea passed

does the body hold life; after death?
for what length of time
in such accumulation then
where from is its presence brought forth
                                                                                     hence where shall it reside

once this
its shell


opened is a line
can it be controlled or does it lead, if so from where before?
the energy being so strong

what if 'i' felt far away
not without joy, not without love but with pain
simply to become


masked in a shroud of depth, seeking a shaped whole
wanting to find light from within as a dense scape
fleeting images of enlightenment
warranted only by fate

my beauty abounds inside faces of thought
between glory for ideas
dropped sharply past unknown space

a love of visual word
deep desire wanting of the lost
into forever will i flow
taking only


feeling safety under the umbrella strength of another
shaped wholly by harshness and loss 
seeing that small differences exist worlds apart
sometimes free to hold the life, to squeeze


excite and involve


general growth between giant green germs generally generates gross grounding, generalisation, and grotesque greatness governed gallantly by generous means