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enter the chaos

honesty smashed up against reality
a sight that envelopes the heart
allowing the mind its freedom
its itch

its nastiness

always too active, never in mind, that oneness which feels whole, beauty that is divine
held i am aloft in sights and sounds, afraid to reach forward as each moment i am



the freedom i feel, that seems so dormant, lay awaiting, smiling, enjoying

i am there
i hide me
i allow
its all because

never a doubt


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without a home
not fixed as the root seems
never feeling alone


to find a goal
shaped passed a measure once thought
freedom of moment

to sleep

and to dream of


perhaps it is only given in small doses.
never freed,
allowed to be whole.
pieced together by soft touch.

wet with alone its peace a happiness alive.

facing never pain
i am