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the fat shit that i hear yo. nigga nigga.

its all mathematics.

so whats life but a series of experiences that we grow upon. yes this does go without saying, but do you sit back and watch your own life? so caught up in thinking how 'else' thinks of you will not hold your hand on to the path of enlightenment. what is enlightenment? happiness? a sense of being that what you do and who you are means? you all mean. yes some more so than others but your life is here to be a piece of the tapestry that is human existence.

its all simple verses of being that the right person feels, not 'perhaps'es and maybes'. slow beats like the heart help us to hear what life is like.

power to grow and to close your eyes and see the infinite. LOVE. happiness is but an emotion that should not be wasted and used without abandon, i love with passion and feeling, so much so that it pushes me too to new experiences and understandings of others. escape your norm and learn something new to help open your heart and mind to the …