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smash it first, crash it first, bash it first go and have it first.
trash it first, go get lost in it first.
mash it home first don't trip on the way to it first.

go get it today, go find ways to get paid, be the first to get laid, make waves in lemonade.

smack it home for sure, be the one to fall, seek it beyond the all, dont be the one to drawl.

chase dreams with a passion, feel life as it happens as its you that can make this in this life.


so 'tis time to realize that life will progress with or without you. that time has no favor toward you and only offers you solace in the knowledge that without it you will never be pushed. i grasp this concept with both hands, though not always seeking to achieving within every precious minute i respect the haste that is required within this opportunity that is an individuals life.
can we count dreaming as escaping time or just wasting?? without a dream we may not perceive, but with too much time spent in the the heavens of our minds we can be seen to miss opportunities and life itself. i guess for humans time becomes a reflection of how it is spent. not so much achievements made as they are but simple reminders of the material minds direction but of development of the spirit of oneself and of the relationships created, broken and quite too desired. time will outlive us all, it will progress far beyond our imagined psyche but it will always be with us to cover us and hold us…