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i spoke with an old man today
my pet he dreamed would stay

he spoke of sound and the lost art of listening
he knew of routine in life, of the sun's shine glistening

today he met zen
this moment will forever be his friend

a smile warmed so deep
with a transcendence of  joy

we are without

need to weep


on one
as all

perfect flight
light abound

what is it to feel two selves? 
to reach inside and to see that you are not me?
enlightened to know that the divine meld,
delighted to understand that each new sight, will be a moment
a wondrous

to hold onto each piece learned, each moment you are bewitched with, each thought as it is, reaching past all the noise and into a the peace, tranquility and enlightened void. 

to feel without feeling is to travel past
is to sense beyond
to see just how far the journey is
and to know
just how much you will enjoy each step