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to the stars

i'm not lost only looking
saddened by this world, human existence, that we live within

now feeling a small path will make a big difference
wanting our need for a symbiotic relationship to be forthgiving

seeing shapes given over to each material being

i feel forgiven

pleaded upon though to make a change
never feared of, for time will eliminate

our hope will only stretch us so far

without realisation we will be lost


to realise that letting go is simply being within moments
this second and beyond. a moment is so deep

held for eternity
awoken to happiness

open to the all

truly alive

encapsulated by the breath, the senses

not wanting
of past or future

to only be

i am

stopped  for a moment
feeling life now
no thought
no mind
all emotions emptied
a wholesome freedom from the electric noise
going on without knowing


the desire to be
sharing drawn

hopping gayly

ever the fool

to hear

making shapes at will
own forms from a taught paradigm
shifting, feeling momentum is forward

is it

to know. would you? i?

if its motion exists, allow it

foward or back it shall be learning
from each moment, irrespective of time passing

holding to knowledge over life

shaped by it all, free to know

the mistake

a mind like a shadowed sky
sitting beneath it seeking only blue

clarity, emptiness, vast

a wandering thought taken by many
seeking emptiness, knowing wanting is the cause

of pain
of confusion

no diligence, no patience,

not enough practice
caught in this time, in this place, seeking only the past freedoms

of thought
of solitude

to assume it would be easier

perhaps that is


looking to find a reason.

should there be? a time, a place, a space?
momentum will shift within its own rhythm, its own pace.

shifting ever toward a mind of emptiness

the all encompassing owns life,
owns the now,
holds the emotions, thoughts and escaping feelings.

to only desire nothing at all,

to be free

emptied and formed


a smiling delight in pure nature abound, i hold happiness.
soft to her heart i try to see what secrets,

what enlightenment,
what joy i might find.

hidden so that we may deeply feel it,
experience all in a moment

and was

letting the happiness of now be all enveloping.
a now that is whole,
livid with thought, a hope to see beyond.

not fearful as each moment spent does involve

a now

a then

to be


a time that is


perhaps it is only given in small doses.
never freed,
allowed to be whole.
pieced together by soft touch.

wet with alone its peace a happiness alive.

facing never pain
i am


unkowing of thoughts real purpose
devined to be

a whole

aloft, bereft of this
feeling a totality that you may never will
holding time
never not understanding that now is only now

watching to see

if perhaps now is


uplifted by whole
leveled off to feel complete
knowing that this is only a piece
the start

thoughts entangled with a freeing greed

unknowing i will devine to be
watching only time

enveloping myself

as it happens

as i exist

as i am


following an unknown road
wanting of but a path
set out

set out before my time
shaped within a different sphere

allowed to be set

by others

so that i could be free
for you
forever alive as me