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not just a magazine

you find new heights, new boundaries that seem within reach, seem as though they could be torn down with such ease yet you hold them so close, fearing to let go of what holds you back. time keeps showing you what is within reach only to keep you past it with each forward second.

can time be stopped? be it through power, force or belief can time be halted?
can time cease to exist? looking through it within our minds allows us to traverse its beauty, all that it has captured, all it has taken away and the spirits that have created it. time is here but of creation, as a reason, but it shows its intangible necessity as a part of the motion of this evolution.

we cannot categorise the existence of all as a part of anything wholely but time. a universe holds many more universes and this is without end. time is all we can be said to live within as a holder and quantifier of all that space and matter symbiotically meld within.

we will keep moving toward an end, on a path that will only open up with each step. as we hold to our perception of finality, time will continue to show us that if we choose to seek then our paths will have no end.

only time can see all.. but who is time?


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and everywhere like a rubberball in an open field

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of excepted societal norms

of the now

wanting only to be held too tight
shown freedom to just be

to dance

gripped by the loops of mind
grappling to hope, salvation

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and now
wish to be


without a home
not fixed as the root seems
never feeling alone


to find a goal
shaped passed a measure once thought
freedom of moment

to sleep

and to dream of

behind the veneer

i apologise for mistakes i make
my haste and sense lose time and belief
i drop from space
allowing only thoughts and touch
mechanic motions that are not present

my being is whole without my mind present

i lose the moment around me
and sometimes it saddens me

i grasp
try to breathe it in

get lost and cycle within

without me i am not myself
to my loss?

to yours?

so i hide