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peace carly

and it changes.
so much harder for some than others. i don't want to get lost in the development of the mind, and to trip the light fantastic on buddhism, but the pain hurts more the more you feel the pain. the peace of change of thought, through the understanding of human conditioning to emotion can show light in so many dark places.
it's so hard though. to let one go, to not experience the loss. we all will. it becomes to some a recognised emotion that is borne of attachment and if one can release oneself from all attachments, not by hiding or denying, but through understanding of ones mind, its creations (emotions) and its reactions, then one (we) can see happiness in the comfort of intelligent / deep thought, of separating oneself from pain to see and feel change as it is, a constant, an ever-being entity that this life we live has for us. that change does not bring pain, it brings more thought, more joy in knowledge and in understanding.
but the now feels so real, so painful in all its losses. is it just an excuse not to feel by trying to understand? i think not. it is a grasping of what the mind needs to feel as a part of the whole. once one moves from the individual, from the family, from the group, the society, the nation, into the all, then and only then, we realise that all will always, and has always, been here, with us and for us and is us.
we miss because we attach, but it seems we only love because we attach. the all. be attached to all, feel the pain of all and the pain of one loss is never diminished but increased and with this magnification we understand that pain is not isolated, and the more vast it is felt, the smaller it gets.
enjoy each moment, each breath, each smile and each thought and you will find happiness, forever.

peace carly


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